New Music: You Know ft. Jush Jah

Lenox ft. Just Jah You Know (Cover Art)As y’all know, my next mixtape project is called Cold Cutz, and I’ve been working on it for a while now. It’s coming together too nicely to rush…but I FINALLY get to release a track off it, and y’all finally get a little taste of what you’ll find on my next project.

This track “You Know” features Just Jah and is produced by my producer and homie for life, DB Beats. You can listen and download below. Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments!!

>> Download You Know <<

- Lenox

That’s Mine – M-Town Marv ft. Lenox

M-Town Marv Taurus SeasonMore new music for y’all. I fuggin LOOOOOVE this track. This one is by the homie from Memphis, M-Town Marv ft. yours truly and produced by miatomemphis, “That’s Mine”…do. not. sleep. One time for real rap, mang.

Lenox on SoundCloud
M-Town Marv on SoundCloud

Download the track here & listen below:

Happy Free Music Friday,

Pound Cake Freestyle

female rapper LenoxAight. It’s been a minute since I’ve dropped any new music. I’m cheffing up this Cold Cutz tape and it’s coming along WAY too nicely to rush, but I’mma have it ready for y’all soon. In the meantime, I was in the studio working on a track I’m cooking up with Just Jah, and I had a few extra minutes to spit something on Drake & Jay-z’s Pound Cake beat. One rap, no takes, no ad libs, just rawness.

Happy Free Music Friday,

Just Jah ft. Lenox “Dope” prod. by 2 Deezy

Just Jah Road II Richest MixtapeReal rap is what it’s about, right? If you ask me someone I know personally who’s making a lot of it, it’s this guy…Just Jah. We’ve made tracks in the past, you can find some of them on my music page.

THIS one though? This one’s a banger. Production by 2 Deezy + real rap = DOPE.

Download: Dope – Just Jah ft. Lenox (produced by 2 Deezy)

Mixtape Details

Artist: Just Jah
Tape Title: Road II Richest
Track Title: Dope – Just Jah ft. Lenox produced by 2 Deezy
Download on DatPiff

The News – Tone Mac ft. Lenox

female rapper LenoxI’m working on my upcoming project Cold Cutz, but y’all have been asking for a return of Free Music Friday…

The other day, I swung by a few of my homies and we ended up cooking up a fire track called “The News” which is gonna be featured on Tone Mac’s upcoming mixtape, Music Retarded. The track is produced by ∆Phynx and goes suuuuper hard. A little something different this week…

Happy Free Music Friday,

Lenox on SoundCloud
Tone Mac on SoundCloud
Phynx on SoundCloud

Lenox – “I’m a Boss” (Chinx Drugz “I’m a Coke Boy” Remix)

female rapper LenoxIt’s a been a minute since the last Free Music Friday. Y’all been askin for that newness, so I GOTCHU! Major salute to Soflo Green on the mixing/engineering action.

New remix action to Chinx Drugz’ “I’m a Coke Boy”…cuz, really I’m a BOSS.

Download “I’m a Boss”

One time for real rap.

Happy Free Music Friday,

Don’t Compare Me to Other (New) Female Rappers, Please

Harsh title? Not so much. Lemme give you some context. When I go to work every day, I don’t sit around thinking about how I’m a female in an executive position and act accordingly. I’m a business-person, regardless of gender, and there to do a job that I was hired to do because I do it well. In life, being a female is not what defines me, being a good person is. With that being said, we are all entitled to do what fulfills us and what makes us feel like good people. There are plenty of females, not just female rappers, who are fulfilled by things that do not fulfill me. That doesn’t make them wrong, or me right, or vise versa. It makes us human.

Lenox female rapperI’m well aware of the fact that I could push my tits out, talk in a high voice about things that I don’t care to talk about, and my rap career would probably take off faster than it will the way I’m doing it now. But, the way I’m doing it now is the way that makes me feel good. I’ve been independently grinding to find my sound and make music that fulfills me at any given moment. No one can tell me what to do, or how to do it, and I enjoy that artistic freedom.

I’ve seen no other female in the rap game self-fund a career in which four tapes were produced independently in less than a year. Once again, that doesn’t make them wrong, or me right, or vise versa. It makes me me, and them them.

I don’t rap about being a female. I’m not rapping because I’m a female. I’m rapping because I have a passion for music, a passion for change, and a passion for combining the two to do some great things with the help and inspiration of some great people. I don’t want to be compared to other female rappers, because for me, it’s not about being a female rapper… and from my perspective, it’s not an apples to apples comparison.

You don’t compare Lupe Fiasco to Gucci Mane just because they’re both dudes…Or Rick Ross to Common…Or Drake to Meek Mill…Or Kendrick Lamar to Future…Or Jay-Z to Chief Keef. I’d appreciate that same respect, respectfully.

Pusha T Blocka Freestyle Video

Hopped in front the Mac a couple days ago to bring you some freshly cheffed freestyle dopeage. Sweet sixteen (no birthday) on Pusha T’s “Blocka” beat.

Leave your comments on the video and let me know what you think!

- Lenox

Burn It Down ft. Bizz & Big Ramp

Lenox - Just For Practice CoverSo my new mixtape Just For Practice dropped just a couple days ago. If you haven’t downloaded it already, you need to get on that life.

Now that the tape dropped, Free Music Friday is back in full effect. This track is one from the tape. It’s called “Burn it Down” and features Bizz and Big Ramp and production by DB Beats. This song is like the soundtrack to my life. LOL

DOWNLOAD – Lenox “Burn it Down” ft. Bizz & Big Ramp

(If the download doesn’t start, right click on the link and choose “Save Link As”)


Presenting… Just For Practice

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s finally here. I worked REALLY hard on this mixtape, but what you will hear is not just a product of my labor. It’s co-produced by Kash Phlow and DB Beats and SO many people supported me in making this tape what it is. My fourth FREE mixtape in less than a year…and I’m NOT stopping.

Shout out to Kash, DB, Toia, Brianna, Dre, Chuck, Bizz, Big Ramp, John Gotty and everyone else who made Just For Practice the mixtape that it is. SO…



And make sure you let me know what you think in the comments!Lenox - Just For Practice CoverLenox - Just For Practice Tracklist